Bella Donna

For connoisseurs who value quality more than just a few cents.

The Brand Hellriegel Bella Donna stands for the highest quality of selected products with the best ingredients. Truffle specialities such as truffle oil, truffle ketchup, truffle mayonnaise and much more, high-quality hot and cold sauces, antipasti, pesti and bruschette.

Our Hellriegel Bella Donna products are the certain something with which you can accompany, refine and refine food and conjure up a gourmet meal from a simple meal in no time. Hellriegel Bella Donna products are available in glass sizes for single and small households with our high-quality gold label. Under Hellriegel Bella Donna we offer a variety of the finest delicacies.

Variety of products

Under the brand Hellriegel Bella Donna we carry a variety of products.