Feinkost und frische Convenience-Produkte

Delicatessen and fresh convenience products

Favored all over the world

Vegetables are of great culinary importance all over. While in France Pasta, potatoes and rice are classified as vegetables in other countries the traditional definition is more common. 


Spain has already been discovered as the vegetable paradise by the old Romans. So called “huertas” ,watered vegetable gardens,  were created very early. Italy has large vegetable plants due to its central Mediterranean location. Over 50 different kinds of vegetables are listed by agricultural organizations. Seasons do not longer determine the selection; preserved and dried nearly all vegetables are available throughout the whole year.

In Greece more vegetables are eaten than in all other European countries.  This could be explained by the Greek-orthodox religion; all animals and fish are forbidden meals during the fasting period which lasts nearly one third of the year. Very popular and favored is the so called “laderá”- cooked vegetable.