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Pasta and Passion

Pasta is the passion of all Italians and the favorite dish on each table. With pasta Italians celebrate the simple taste.


Why not? Pure passion has no limits. Pasta makes you happy, this is scientifically proven.  And pasta was not an Italian invention, it was known in China long before and in Greek ancient times. There it was known as “Pastái” , origin of the word pasta. In Etruscan graves they found pictures of tools which were for preparing pasta. Arabs developed a technique which allowed conserving pasta. The paste was wrapped around little wooden sticks and dried. But it were the Italians who cultivated pasta. Nowhere in the world you can find such a variety of pasta like in Italy, over 600 different pastas. To remember this, you can find in Rome since 1992 the only pasta museum worldwide: Museo Nazionale delle Paste Alimentari.